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Beluga publishes your posts to a
JSON/RSS feed and a simple
static site on the open Web

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Beluga - Self-hosting with style

with style

Great app design on top of a very geeky idea. Publish your "tweet-like" content to your preferred S3-compatible service directly from your phone.

  • Beluga - Keys securely stored on deviceKeys securely stored on device
  • Beluga - Statically generated contentStatically generated content
Beluga - Yes, you can edit your posts

Yes, you can edit your posts

Creating and editing posts is as easy as it gets. You can even use Markdown and attach photos.

  • Beluga - Create, edit, and delete postsCreate, edit, and delete posts
  • Beluga - Unlimited characters per postUnlimited characters per post
  • Beluga - Optimized for "tweet-like" contentOptimized for "tweet-like" content


You can stylize your posts using the popular Markdown syntax.

Beluga - Markdown


The app will optimize your photos for size and quality.

Beluga - Photos


The app will generate an image preview when you post links.

Beluga - Links


You can optionally submit your feed to our user directory.

Beluga - Directory


Your keys are encrypted, and never leave your phone.

Beluga - Secure


Follow other Beluga users right from within the app.

Beluga - Friendly

“A nice app built on open technologies with 100% less evil tech billionaire”

Beluga - Plays nicely with the open Web

Plays nicely with
the open Web

Anyone with a web browser or a feed reader will be able to follow, read and share your posts.

  • Beluga - RSS Feed + JSON FeedRSS Feed + JSON Feed
  • Beluga - Static HTML mini-siteStatic HTML mini-site
  • Beluga - Every post has a permalinkEvery post has a permalink
Beluga - Designed for nerds

Designed for
nerdsDesigned for nerds

Bring your own hosting. All content is hosted on an S3-compatible bucket that you own and control.

  • Beluga - Supports all S3-compatible servicesSupports all S3-compatible services
  • Beluga - Most popular services built-inMost popular services built-in
  • Beluga - Self-host using MinioSelf-host using Minio
Beluga - Doesn't have servers

Beluga doesn't have servers

Your content is hosted and served from your S3-compatible cloud storage account. The app will take care of creating, updating and uploading the files.

Beluga - Beluga wants to be free

Beluga wants to be free

The format of the beluga.json file is based on JSON Feed version 1.1. We added a few extensions to the schema and intend to document and publish the details so others can also create similar apps.

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